Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Lineage of House Dubovie*

My grandfather, Brandon of House Dubovie, the First of his Name, has two sons and seven daughters.

His eldest son, is Brandon of House Dubovie, the Second of his Name… also known as… my father.

My dad has two issues, the eldest, Josh of House Dubovie, the First of his Name, which would be me, and my sister. My uncle has only one issue, and it is a girl… Monica of House Dubovie, the First of her Name.

If it were in the Middle Ages, and we rule the Seven Kingdoms, I will be the heir apparent, and will rule the Kingdoms if ever my father passes away. And one of the main agendas of the heir apparent is to continue the lineage in order to secure the future of House Dubovie.

There is just one thing amiss. I am in no reason to marry and have kids… because of my… erm… preferences.

Going back to the new millennium, it is still the same factors. In order to prevent the Dubovie family from going extinct, I have to marry and issue a son at least. My sister and cousin, if ever they get married, will renounce their Dubovie surname, and will acquire the names of their new Houses.

Of course, even though we are free to choose what we want to, throughout my life, there has been much bickering and forbiddingness.

“Lol. Be a man. Don’t be gay. You are the only hope this family has,” said my aunt. “Introduce me to this girlfriend of yours. And make lots of Dubovie babies!” my uncles quipped.

Dad and Mum were silent about me being the only heir, but I know they are expecting. Well they can expect from my sister, but I have to break their hearts if they are expecting something from me. Sure, cash and income, they can expect, as well as the debt of gratitude I have from bringing me up justly. But children? I’m so sorry, Mum and Dad.

I am not getting any younger, and sooner or later, the topic of marriage will pop out. Until how long I can use the “I’m busy with school/work, that is why I am still not looking” excuse? Surely, I can get a ‘beard,’ and marry. But aside from the dreaded notion of making love with a girl, how will I break the family then if ever I can’t handle it anymore? Will I be tied forever in my secret?

Oh well. Youth is here… best have fun… while it lasts.

*Dubovie, as you may know, sounds French, but it isn't my real surname. I hope that it was though. Hehe.


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The S Spot said...

Can relate with the" busy with school/work" alibi... :)

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