Monday, 5 September 2011

Debt for a Wingman

Sometime in July....

Edric: Hay... I don't have much left.
Me: How much do you need ba?
Edric: Around 400...
Me: Fine, I do have some spare cash.
Edric: Sure ka? It might be a hassle on your part...
Me: Nah it's fine... I only have 1000 rotting in my bank account.
Edric: Ikaw na.... Lol. But... what's the catch?
Me: Hmm... Interest of around 5%... (as what I charge to debtors before)
Edric: *lingers* Ummm... fine fine.  I will be indebted to you.
Me: *thinks for a moment* Actually, you can do another thing.
Edric: What?
Me: Find me a date.
Edric: Be a wingman you mean?
Me: Yes.
Edric: Asus, kadali, It is a deal!

Sometime in August...

Edric: I think I need money again... for my training.
Me: How much do you need?
Edric: 1000, but I'll get some from others.
Me: Hmmm... *checks account* I think I can lend you the whole 1,000.
Edric: No, that's too much. I still have the one last month. Just close it at 1,000.
Me: So, 600?
Edric: Yes, hehe. And I assume there's a catch again?
Me: Yes.... But you decide what it would be.
Edric: Be your wingman for life!
Me: Whut? 'Til I die? *laughs* That's a tad harsh. Maybe until 30?
Edric: What if 30 ka na and you're still single?
Me: Gago. Fine... Until I'm not then.
Edric: Too late, you said until 30 lang. Yey!
Me: Arrgh. Come on, please! I know you are a matchmaking master!
Edric: Sige na nga, we will find him, someday... It is a deal!

To be continued...

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tndcallphilippines said...

everybody needs a wingman. :)