Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Coolness of Cambridge

“It was you who was all eyes on him.”

As soon as Art muttered those words, I felt embarrassed, to the point that my face was almost noticeably red, even though there were a lot of acne breakouts recently.

We were walking at the banks of River Cam, overlooking the King’s College Chapel. It was two days after my parents left (about April 8), so we decided to plan a day-long trip at one of the most renowned universities in the world right before the new term starts.


Yes, compared to Oxford (which I’ve been to last January), there are a lot more things in store in this town that was Ironically founded by none other than residents and graduates of Oxford.

There was this sort of thing called punting, wherein you can ride on a boat that will be maneuvered by the punter by pushing against the river bed by the pole.

It has been a tradition that Cambridge university students would be the ones punting; it has been primarily their source of income and a way to boost tourism. With 10 pounds per head, it's great value for money. Plus, why not enjoy under the sun in balmy temperatures?

And mind you, most of these Cambridge lads are hot.

So the one punting our boat was not a student, which as a bit strange (he explained it at the start of the tour).

So here’s our punter, the guy called… Guy. (Whut?)

Not as hot as the other punters out there, but his innocence and good sense of humour allured most, if not all that were in the boat, including me.

He even pointed out that for 200 pounds a month, one can get a whole one bedroom flat (with a private toilet and kitchen) in Cambridge, if your brain is worthy enough for the uber-reasonably priced accommodation. Most roomshare single rooms in London are about 250-300 a month.

And to that, Art must’ve noticed that I kept on staring at our punter… erm I mean listening to what he was saying, instead of taking breathtaking pictures of the medieval colleges situated by the banks.

Was I too obvious? Maybe.

The punting session was over, it was time for some quality moments with this town that houses some of the oldest academic traditions in the country, If not the world.

Walking outside the greens of King’s College Chapel, one can think of numerous possibilities and outcomes.

Cambridge students consider themselves lucky, for they can sit beside the River Cam to read on their latest law or marketing book.

There I was, contemplating on the Bridge of Sighs.

What if I studied in Cambridge instead? Life would have been totally different. Studying in a quiet town full of students alike will be a lot more enjoyable, that’s what I am sure of. Aside from the fact that I get to see handsome guys every day, it will be an assured spot in the workforce come graduation. My life would have been the stereotypical ‘student life,’ which is to study hard, and party harder.

Now, if only I can address the £20,000 issue.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Persona

It has been, almost a year.

The day wherein I embraced my real identity…. It was just another normal day, a few days right after watching Eurovision 2010. I’ve decided to use Josh as my screen name in signing up in this gay website since I was still in the hype and everything. Then poof, someone instantly recognised its eccentric origin.

So there it was, I’ve found my first ever PLU chatmate, thanks to this show called Eurovision.

Oh, just a quick description about this contest. It is a singing competition held every May, as 40 or so members of the European Broadcasting Union battle it out to see who has the most popular song in the competition. Each country would submit an original song to be performed on live telly, and then the members of the jury, together with the European public, would cast votes. Inaugurated in 1956, it is one of the longest-running singing contests in the world, and with annual audiences of about 250 million. It is one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world.

Thus, I vowed to myself, I will watch this singing competition every single year if it’s the last thing I do. It’s an ode to my, erm… shall we say, acceptance.

Now, it has been almost a year. And yea, Josh Dubovie was so 2010. It might be time for change, once again.

A new year, a new persona.

Of course, as a tradition, hopefully for the years to come, I would take my persona from someone in Eurovision, and it has to be well thought of.

But before that, I would just like to point out the cutest/hottest guys in this year’s contest that was held in D├╝sseldorf, Germany.

6) Paradise Oskar - Finland

Real name: Axel Ehnstr├Âm. Represented Finland with song “Da Da Dam.” Cute boyish Caucasian… one of my types.

5) Two guys in Switzerland entry

Anna Rossinelli and her band represented Switzerland with the song “In Love for a While.” How did this song get the last spot with two very cute guys strumming with her?

4) Loukas Giorkas

Represented Greece with “Watch my Dance.” Cute Greek. Outstanding opera-ish vocals. Great control of his voice.

3) Lee Ryan and Duncan James from Blue

Represented the United Kingdom with the song “I Can.” Lee, aside from his high vocal range, is oozing with sexiness. Duncan James as well, especially since he’s reportedly bi. Oooh.

2) Eric Saade

This Lebanese-Swedish lad represented Sweden with the song “Popular”. And indeed, this cute mixed Scand proved to be popular indeed as it garnered third place in the contest.

Ohh... and I just found this.

1) Alexej Vorobjov

Reported the hottest bloke in this year’s competition, he (English translation: Alex Sparrow) represented Russia with the song “Get You,” which was dubbed as a “rapist song” by many fans and haters alike. Yea, he looks like a douche, but we can’t do anything about it. He was born with overflowing sex appeal.

Like last year, I fancy taking the name of someone cute and handsome (like last year’s Josh)… However,  Vorobjov is just too hard to pronounce. Saade just sounds so European (Germanic, in fact).

So, there you go. It's still fine by me to be called Josh, especially by my old buds back home. Alex Saade, fly high, and may you have a blessed year under this new persona. Cheers.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal Birthday

In a cloud of fragrant blossoms, the duo took their vows with barely a glitch or sign of last-minute nerves. The Archbishop of Canterbury, in ceremonial robes, asked William first: ''Wilt thou have this woman to thy wedded wife?'', to which he replied with a firm ''I will''.

The crowd responded by chanting “awww.” And then, tears just started flowing from my eyes.

I just had no idea how that happened. I was just there, standing by the steps in Trafalgar Square, absorbing the cheers from the crowd in this fairly cloudy morning.

But it wasn’t just an ordinary morning. It was the morning when Prince William tied the knot to commoner Kate Middleton, the new addition to the House of Windsor.

Thousands of Britons, normally reserved and timid, didn’t mind the cramped spaces, as their eyes were glued on the big screens that were set up by Nelson’s Monument. As Kate, now the Duchess of Cambridge, said her vow, seas of Union Jack flags were up in the air, signifying this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Sure, I can just stay home and watch the replay. Sure, I can just go to work on that day to earn some money. Yes, I could've gone home after Art and Tina bailed me for the nth time after inviting me non-stop to watch it live (yes I was just alone on that day). However, It must’ve felt good to stand there, with hundreds and thousands of people, to celebrate and feel proud of themselves to be residing in Britain.

In this day, which is supposedly my birthday, it is normal to feel irritated that your special day has been overshadowed by this royal event. But it didn’t matter. Why not celebrate with them.

It was enough that Gene and the gang greeted me a Happy Royal Birthday. Surely, this day would be written in history books for generations to come.

Yes, William might have Kate, but then, Harry is still there.

And he will be mine. Lol.