Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Lineage of House Dubovie*

My grandfather, Brandon of House Dubovie, the First of his Name, has two sons and seven daughters.

His eldest son, is Brandon of House Dubovie, the Second of his Name… also known as… my father.

My dad has two issues, the eldest, Josh of House Dubovie, the First of his Name, which would be me, and my sister. My uncle has only one issue, and it is a girl… Monica of House Dubovie, the First of her Name.

If it were in the Middle Ages, and we rule the Seven Kingdoms, I will be the heir apparent, and will rule the Kingdoms if ever my father passes away. And one of the main agendas of the heir apparent is to continue the lineage in order to secure the future of House Dubovie.

There is just one thing amiss. I am in no reason to marry and have kids… because of my… erm… preferences.

Going back to the new millennium, it is still the same factors. In order to prevent the Dubovie family from going extinct, I have to marry and issue a son at least. My sister and cousin, if ever they get married, will renounce their Dubovie surname, and will acquire the names of their new Houses.

Of course, even though we are free to choose what we want to, throughout my life, there has been much bickering and forbiddingness.

“Lol. Be a man. Don’t be gay. You are the only hope this family has,” said my aunt. “Introduce me to this girlfriend of yours. And make lots of Dubovie babies!” my uncles quipped.

Dad and Mum were silent about me being the only heir, but I know they are expecting. Well they can expect from my sister, but I have to break their hearts if they are expecting something from me. Sure, cash and income, they can expect, as well as the debt of gratitude I have from bringing me up justly. But children? I’m so sorry, Mum and Dad.

I am not getting any younger, and sooner or later, the topic of marriage will pop out. Until how long I can use the “I’m busy with school/work, that is why I am still not looking” excuse? Surely, I can get a ‘beard,’ and marry. But aside from the dreaded notion of making love with a girl, how will I break the family then if ever I can’t handle it anymore? Will I be tied forever in my secret?

Oh well. Youth is here… best have fun… while it lasts.

*Dubovie, as you may know, sounds French, but it isn't my real surname. I hope that it was though. Hehe.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Debt for a Wingman

Sometime in July....

Edric: Hay... I don't have much left.
Me: How much do you need ba?
Edric: Around 400...
Me: Fine, I do have some spare cash.
Edric: Sure ka? It might be a hassle on your part...
Me: Nah it's fine... I only have 1000 rotting in my bank account.
Edric: Ikaw na.... Lol. But... what's the catch?
Me: Hmm... Interest of around 5%... (as what I charge to debtors before)
Edric: *lingers* Ummm... fine fine.  I will be indebted to you.
Me: *thinks for a moment* Actually, you can do another thing.
Edric: What?
Me: Find me a date.
Edric: Be a wingman you mean?
Me: Yes.
Edric: Asus, kadali, It is a deal!

Sometime in August...

Edric: I think I need money again... for my training.
Me: How much do you need?
Edric: 1000, but I'll get some from others.
Me: Hmmm... *checks account* I think I can lend you the whole 1,000.
Edric: No, that's too much. I still have the one last month. Just close it at 1,000.
Me: So, 600?
Edric: Yes, hehe. And I assume there's a catch again?
Me: Yes.... But you decide what it would be.
Edric: Be your wingman for life!
Me: Whut? 'Til I die? *laughs* That's a tad harsh. Maybe until 30?
Edric: What if 30 ka na and you're still single?
Me: Gago. Fine... Until I'm not then.
Edric: Too late, you said until 30 lang. Yey!
Me: Arrgh. Come on, please! I know you are a matchmaking master!
Edric: Sige na nga, we will find him, someday... It is a deal!

To be continued...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Goodbye, Travelogue Boy?

It seems that I have to blow the dust that settled on top of this blog.

Whew. It has been what, a couple of months? Well 4 months exactly. My anniversary here in the UK just passed by without even a proper attribution or celebration for that matter.

And yeah, in celebrating my first year in a foreign place, riots erupted like mushrooms on a damp moist forest.

Anyway, I dunno what to write... Actually, to be honest, I dunno if I still have the drive to write.

Well, I still have my main blog, but I don't know. London has made me desensitised. It changed the way I see things.

Here are some things that I've learned, or I've done within the last few months:

1) I've let someone use me for his benefit, so in turn, I used him to get benefits as well. *cough Ray cough*
2) I'm getting more and more superficial it seems. A hot bloke makes me wanna go "haba haba."
3) Ideal relationships are harder to come by these days. Adam's blog has swoon me in the darkest days of winter, but as summer came and went, I just reliased that it's not always the case. Actually, it's consider lottery for a thing like that to happen.
4) Wingmen did more harm than good. Well, let's just say that the guys go for the wingmen, instead of me. Oh great.

Looking back, I almost seriously puked at my desperate stories about Art. Seriously, Art? My God. I think.... no, I really wasn't in the right mind when I started this blog.

It was cheesy. It was weird. It was forced. It was lost. It was too safe. It was WTF.

I was so tempted to close everything down. From the old Josh Dubovie, to the new Alex Saade. And seriously, did I just change my pseudonym from A to B to C in the near future? That was utterly daft. I apologise in advance for being blunt, but I think I do not need this shadow anymore. This side of me.... I don't need it buried six feet deep. It can intertwine with my main life, especially in a cosmopolitan city like London, and with some mates who can help me assert that I am a man who need not fear.

But I miss my friends, if ever I have one here. So we'll see how it goes. But for now, you lot will not see me writing cheesy heart-fluttering stuff about my interactions with other men.

Come on, it's ridiculous and stupid.