Thursday, 1 September 2011

Goodbye, Travelogue Boy?

It seems that I have to blow the dust that settled on top of this blog.

Whew. It has been what, a couple of months? Well 4 months exactly. My anniversary here in the UK just passed by without even a proper attribution or celebration for that matter.

And yeah, in celebrating my first year in a foreign place, riots erupted like mushrooms on a damp moist forest.

Anyway, I dunno what to write... Actually, to be honest, I dunno if I still have the drive to write.

Well, I still have my main blog, but I don't know. London has made me desensitised. It changed the way I see things.

Here are some things that I've learned, or I've done within the last few months:

1) I've let someone use me for his benefit, so in turn, I used him to get benefits as well. *cough Ray cough*
2) I'm getting more and more superficial it seems. A hot bloke makes me wanna go "haba haba."
3) Ideal relationships are harder to come by these days. Adam's blog has swoon me in the darkest days of winter, but as summer came and went, I just reliased that it's not always the case. Actually, it's consider lottery for a thing like that to happen.
4) Wingmen did more harm than good. Well, let's just say that the guys go for the wingmen, instead of me. Oh great.

Looking back, I almost seriously puked at my desperate stories about Art. Seriously, Art? My God. I think.... no, I really wasn't in the right mind when I started this blog.

It was cheesy. It was weird. It was forced. It was lost. It was too safe. It was WTF.

I was so tempted to close everything down. From the old Josh Dubovie, to the new Alex Saade. And seriously, did I just change my pseudonym from A to B to C in the near future? That was utterly daft. I apologise in advance for being blunt, but I think I do not need this shadow anymore. This side of me.... I don't need it buried six feet deep. It can intertwine with my main life, especially in a cosmopolitan city like London, and with some mates who can help me assert that I am a man who need not fear.

But I miss my friends, if ever I have one here. So we'll see how it goes. But for now, you lot will not see me writing cheesy heart-fluttering stuff about my interactions with other men.

Come on, it's ridiculous and stupid.


drew said...

Maybe ridiculous and stupid, but entertaining nonetheless! :D

Josh said...

Lol... I hope so... it's just what, a sense of weirdness I have when I dont really have anything at all. hehe